Ro-Aviation Stunning Views

Stunning lighting from me once again.

All visuals you see here are 100% uneditted and are in-game.
Make sure to check out my car and it’s lighting too!

Sorry I’ve been kinda inactive here. Been busy running my airline.
Feel free to check it out.

Red Wings Airways

Plane - LoleeRBX
Skybox - Unknown
Everything else - Me


Do you mind giving us the lighting settings? :point_right::point_left: :flushed:


That’s a trade secret. :laughing: :key: :lock:

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:point_right: :point_left: sorry

I’m not in the airlines community so I don’t have any planes.

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How much for the settings? :shushing_face: :unlock: :key: :closed_lock_with_key: :robux:


Wow. It is absolutely stunning what Roblox has come to in it’s years. We’re at the point where this doesn’t even look remotely like the Roblox we all know. Keep up the great work.

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do you mind if I create a wallpaper out of it :flushed:

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btw use the atmosphere module to achieve effects like this…

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Of course I wouldn’t mind, go for it! :slight_smile:

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Not bad, although I did notice one issue that detracts from the visual appeal.

Within the second image, there are sizable sections of the aircraft which do not cast shadows, and the shadows are unnecessarily soft. I’d recommend (if you’re using shadowmap or future) decreasing the softness of the shadows while on the ground.

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i like the first one because the second one looks like evening, night, and day at the same time
bruh old topic

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Yeah ikr, be sure to check out my more recent work aha.

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Yeah, I fixed that later on. Be sure to check out my newer work! I’m gonna be posting some new stuff too.