Ro CSS - A CSS Parser made for Roblox


A CSS Parser made for Roblox that exposes the properties of UI elements to CSS. I made this as a personal project so it may be buggy but if you want to contribute feel free to add a PR on the Github linked below

Github - Model

How to Use

Either copy the source from ro-css.lua or add the toolbox model (RoCSS - Roblox) to your project. Then in a local script require the library and use this piece of code to parse any CSS code:

local module = require(MODULE_LOCATION)

To apply the CSS to UI just add a string attribute called Class to whatever UI element you want (Make sure it’s placed in StarterGUI) and ro-css should automatically apply the CSS to it. For example if you created a CSS block of:

.foobar {
  background-color: rgb(1,1,1);

ro-css will apply it to any element with the Class “foobar”

Here are the available properties:

		["anchor-point"] = "AnchorPoint",
		["background-color"] = "BackgroundColor3",
		["transparency"] = "BackgroundTransparency",
		["border-color"] = "BorderColor3",
		["border-size"] = "BorderSizePixel",
		["position"] = "Position",
		["rotation"] = "Rotation",
		["size"] = "Size",
		["z-index"] = "ZIndex",
		["text-color"] = "TextColor3",
		["text-size"] = "TextSize",
		["text-stroke-color"] = "TextStrokeColor3",
		["text-stroke-transparency"] = "TextStrokeTransparency",
		["text-transparency"] = "TextTransparency",
		["image-color"] = "ImageColor3",
		["image-offset"] = "ImageRectOffset",
		["image-size"] = "ImageRectSize",
		["placeholder-text-color"] = "PlaceholderColor3"

There are also functions that can be used for things like colour:

  • rgb(R,G,B) Creates a Color3 from an RGB value
  • hsv(H,S,V) Creates a Color3 from an HSV value
  • udim(POS, OFFSET) Creates a UDIM
  • udim2(XPOS, XOFFSET, YPOS, YOFFSET) Creates a udim2


ro-css is licensed under the MIT license which you can read here


(License has been updated)

Doesnt making this GPL v3 force games to give full source code to players?

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Very interesting resource. I honestly never thought this was possible. Well made!

Yeah. And here it is:

oh yeah ig it does. Ill look at other liceneses an possibly change it