Ro Flight Sim Concept

Hey there and welcome to this new post. Today i will tell you about a new concept for a Flight Sim. Im looking for people who would be interested in this project. First it was to be intended as ATC Control but i thought it would be better to release it as a flight sim since i have more ideas for that.

Concept Logo for the ATC Sim

Lets start with the basics. The Idea was a bit inteded to be a mix from PTFS and FLIGHTLINE.
Here are some features that are inteded to come in the game:

  • Realistic animations
  • Realsitic sounds
  • Weather system
  • Real Life Airports
  • Wide selection of planes
  • Missions (maybe)
  • Cargo Aircraft with loading system
  • Spawning system

Plane list:


  • Airbus Beluga and Beluga XL
  • B737-700C
  • B777F
  • Antonov An-225
  • B767-300F
  • B747-800F
  • Airbus A400M


  • Dash 8 Q(100,300,400)
  • B737, 747, 757, 767, 777
  • A320 Family
  • IL-18
  • Pilatus
  • King Air
  • Fokker 50 and 100

Future extensions:

  • More planes
  • Gamepasses and AI System that can be customised by Admins
  • AI Traffic
  • More features for better gameplay

Open for suggestions, wishes, help and ideas. Feel free to share this post with friends. Hope to see you soon and you can massage me about this post anytime. Im exited for your ideas and thoughts. Thanks for reading and have a nice day :slight_smile: !


I recommend you get a smoother logo, the logo currently won’t attract many players, and doesn’t fit with the layout of your game.

I suggest you make it more open, add picture terrain and design, instead of blank with picture model in the middle, I know it’s a concept but it’s still a big design flaw.

Due to the mass amount of plane/air games being strictly in air, adding on land features and places to fly over and get out and run would make a huge difference and would hopefully boost your game above the rest, best of luck.

GOod IDea. Are you looking for 3d modelers?

Yeah, also scripters and animators

I am a good 3d modeller. You can hire me, but firstly do you want high poly or low poly?

More low poly. But you should still see the textures and layouts

Ok so I did this boeing 737 do you like it?


I am a decent programmer. Also im kinda interested it seems cool.

I will think about a plane gui layout and start building some airports