Ro-Med Medical Center [OPENING SOON!]

Ro-Med Medical Center is one of the most advanced Hospital Communities on the Robloxian platform and we are looking for SHr’s, HR’s & Regular staff!


  • Hello, my name is Max, I am the Leading Developer for Ro-Med, Founder & CEO. I have been on the platform for over 5 years, and over the past 5 years I have had lots of opportunities to grow and develop my skills that simply undermine my existence in this world, I now understand I was put on earth to build interactive games for the entire world to enjoy and reside with playing daily. I have created Ro-Med as an example to those who think that they are incapable of doing what they dream. Everyone is able to dream, and everyone is able to accomplish those dreams if their willing to work hard.

Group: Ro-Med Medical Center - Roblox
Application Center [LOW RANK]: Ro-Med Quiz Center - Roblox
Event Center: RO-MED EVENTS CENTER - Roblox
Main Game: Soon to be released!

Hope to see you soon!

Max (Inception_Coder) Founder, CEO, Leading Developer

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