Ro-Quatica Development Team


Ro-Quatica Development Team

The Development Team will be part of an agile development team, building
and working on enterprise grade systems on ROBLOX. The Development Team will provide technical and team leadership through coaching and mentorship.

About Ro-Quatica
Ro-Quatica is a newer amusement park directed towards aquatic attractions and an aquatic facility. While the park has been shortly developed, we need some further assistance from volunteers. The park is expected to be a team-member oriented led park, where operations are controlled by team-members and assisted by our department and park leadership teams.

Our Values

Development Team & Facility Management

  • Supervises all aspects of park development
  • Works alongside the Vice President of Consumer Experience for better park detailing & consumer wants
  • Works alongside the Park maintenance Department to fix down-time attractions.
  • Works with leadership to develop & build a team-plan and execute it
  • Willing to understand and learn the Standard Operating Procedures of the Park
  • Have the ability to multi-task and be made available
  • Work with Park Leadership during park Development
  • Supervise aspects of Park during Operating Hours
  • Other duties as assigned by Park Leadership
    –Reports to the Park President


  • At least six (6) months development progression
  • Proof of work during Interview
  • Efficient Communication with Leadership

General Information
Hiring Manager: Cas_t1llo
Starting Pay: 0.00 (Volunteer Basis)
Location: Ro-Quatica Amusement Park & Attractions

Interested Applicants
Contact Cas_t1llo at cas_t1llo#1197
May submit application via Group
Ro-Quatica Parks Co., Inc. - Roblox

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