Ro-Scale train games broken!?!?!

As of today, miniature “Ro-Scale” trains are jittering and are not following the tracks. Several other ro-scale games had to shut down because of this.

The issue is seen in the gif here, as other peoples trains appear to not be following the tracks. Your own train looks fine, but the issue is only seen when looking at other peoples trains.

I would like to create some insight on this issue to see if any other communities are affected by this recent update. I believe the issue stems from communication slow down between the client and the server (as the local players train runs perfectly), slowing down the collision calculations. but thats just my guess.

My ping is around ~80ms, and I don’t have any other items running in the background. If there’s any other information I can provide, please ask in the comments. Its my first post, so I apologize if there are some missing topics I could cover.


EDIT: The current system has worked perfectly for several months. There have been no recent changes to the tracks or train collision system.


@NWSpacek might want to look at this, a Roblox update broke your train system

Hello fellow developers.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this is not just a Ro-Scale issue. Games like Grand Continental Railways and Stepford County Railway are also having this issue.

I’ve also noticed some other issues regarding the loading times for most games I play. Since this issue began, it’s taken me double the time to load most games than normal. I’d imagine Roblox have released something unstable that they shouldn’t have done, which has adversely affected server performance and what-not.


Yes I have noticed the same loading time issue.

I’m hoping someone has the ability to post in Bug Reports so a roblox staff member can see this sooner. I don’t have the ability yet since this is my first post on the dev forums haha.

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Would anyone here be able to DM me a place file of a train that has been recently broken? I got a repro, I’m looking into this.

The issue is a bit complex, but has to do with some physics replication changes that were recently made. I can come back later and write up a summary if people are interested.

Any loading problems/slowdowns are unrelated.

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I rolled back the change that was causing the alignment issue, feel free to DM me in the future if you encounter weird network+physics bugs but cannot file a bug report on the forum.


Just spent the best part of half an hour testing a game with said problems and I can confirm that it’s running perfectly fine, cheers.