Road to Gramby's - The Green Update

Road to Gramby’s - The Green Update

We’re back once again, dear fricklets! It’s been a while since our last update, so we have a ton of changes to keep you busy on the road or in your garage. Your Gramby is waiting…

New features

  1. Many items can now be configured or have different modes
  2. Made the “Camera” object operable by wiring
  3. Added controls indicators
  4. Explosions now chain instead of stack
  5. Infinite loops with wiring now spark instead of blowing up
  6. Custom IDs can be played on your radio
  7. Added “Rotation” modes to the Tool Gun
  8. You can now move your arms as the passenger in a vehicle
  9. New and improved spawn menu
  10. New terrain generator
  11. Spinners now have a “reverse” option
  12. Seats have a “disable input” option that disables them from using Input Sensors
  13. FIRE!! explosions are now smaller, but can set non-metals on fire
  14. VIP server menu - if you are the owner of the VIP server, you can access settings like time of day from the Fone. (replaced SuperPowerClock)
  15. Spawn menu redesign
  16. New structure in the desert biome
  17. New AI system

New items

  1. Input sensor - Emits a signal when the specified keybind is pressed by a player in a seat connected to the same assembly
  2. Logic gates - AND, OR, NOT
  3. Matching Gyro - Two parts, one will always try to match the rotation of the other
  4. Ball Socket - Items attached to this will be rotatable in 360 degrees
  5. Velocity Sensor - Emits a signal when it goes over the input velocity
  6. Altitude Sensor - Emits a signal when it goes over the input altitude
  7. Servo - they spin at a constant rate when powered by the inputs on the side
  8. Physics Servo - same as servo, but physically simulated. Best for custom cars
  9. Connector ball
  10. Half connector ball
  11. Jousting Stick - sticks to objects
  12. Plunger - sticks to objects
  13. Entity Sensor - emits a signal when an entity is in a certain direction relative to itself
  14. Ramp - its a ramp
  15. Wing - lifts upward based on its speed
  16. Looper - Emits a signal on a loopa, time configurable
  17. Staring Gyro - Points towards the nearest player or entity

Bug fixes

  2. Faster join times / content streaming
  3. Fixed scrollbars on some Fone menus
  4. Uzis shoot towards what you’re looking at on all shots instead of just the first one
  5. Diagnosed potential server memory leaks
    6!!. Chunk loading behavior should be changed - items shouldn’t anchor when outside of a loaded chunk, they should just get teleported up once the chunk loads in. GO FAST!!
  6. Fix Not being able to change toolgun mode or other turnable item
  7. VR stability
  8. Fixed seats/objects becoming unusable if somebody is interacting with or using them and leaves (?)
  9. Fixed guns shooting to the center of the screen in VR
  10. Made it so you cant pull the spawn house walls off
  11. Shutdown warning message - You should receive a warning message a couple minutes before servers shut down. SAVE!!
  12. Fixed VR objects colliding with your character
  13. Fixed structures spawning inside of each other
  14. Fixed delayer behavior
  15. Valleys between Digital Frontier and Rock Bottom should be gone - they were a bug
  16. Fixed the keys layering on Piano
  17. Fixed structures spawning on top of each other (?)
  18. Optimized build save codes a bit
  19. Mount indicators are way less laggy
  20. Mount indicators won’t appear on assemblies that you’re holding anymore
  21. Picking up from or putting something on a car as a passenger shouldn’t break the driver’s physics anymore
  22. ? Fixed bullets falling / other weird behavior when the server has been open for a long time?
  23. Optimized save previews in the Fone menu
  24. Items should no longer get stuck in your hands

If you’ve never played Gramby’s, you can find it here: Road to Gramby's 👵 - Roblox

Good luck, travelers!