Roadblocks: Mini-Documentary Channel About Creators

Hey guys,

I started a weekly Roblox-centric video series called Roadblocks. In this series as well as our others, we’re helping bridge the gap between the creator and the player by giving a realistic perspective as to what the road to success actually looks like and what it takes to get there. This is a series about the roadblocks on Roblox.

Check out some of our episodes featuring the developers of games like Arsenal, Whatever Floats Your Boat, UGC Creators, Roblox Traders, and more.



Roadblocks Season 1

Episode 1 - Roblox Titanic
Episode 2 - The Normal Elevator
Episode 3 - After The Flash
Episode 4 - Royale High
Episode 5 - Whatever Floats Your Boat
Episode 6 - Linkmon99
Episode 7 - Arsenal
Episode 8 - Roblox UGC
Episode 9 - Perilous Skies
Episode 10 - KineKreature

Roadblocks Season 2

Episode 1 - Adopt Me
Episode 2 - Ultimate Driving
Episode 3 - Widgeon
Episode 4 - ObliviousHD
Episode 5 - WhoToTrus
Episode 6 -
Episode 7 -
Episode 8 -
Episode 9 -
Episode 10 -



Episode 1 - The Wild West
Episode 2 - Emergency Response: Liberty County
Episode 3 - Vehicle Simulator
Episode 4 - Heroes! 2
Episode 5 - My Restaurant & BIG Paintball


Open Sourced

Episode 1 - Jackeryz & Mightybaseplate
Episode 2 -
Episode 3 -


Check out this article from MacAndSwiss!



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This is overall an amazing idea, I’ll make sure to check the current and upcoming episodes out. From the looks of it I can see this will turn out to be a great series.


I had fun with it, and the editing is spectacular. Thanks for having us on.

Earlier this year I found out there were some other Roblox podcasts up and running, one of which hasn’t posted anything new on google podcasts since January. I’d like to see the maintenance of an active podcast. I’ll listen to / support as many of these podcasts (Roadblocks, and others) as I can.


Just released episode 2 with @NowDoTheHarlemShake!


I’d move this post over to #resources:community-resources like @BanTech’s.


Thank you for the recommendation, wasn’t sure where was appropriate. Just moved it over.


Just published Episode 3 with @ChadTheCreator!


I recommend everyone to watch his amazing podcasts every week, it talks about how developers struggled their way through success and its just a really nice podcast to listen to, especially when your goal is to be a successful developer it does give me a big interest! 100% Recommended though


Just published Episode 4!

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Wow, this is amazing what you thought of, I made a Christmas Hangout so player’s could make more friend’s, The max amount of players in one server (Players who I don’t even know) Was about 8?

This is an amazing idea though, If you wish for any help with this, just message me.

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“After the flash interview”

The part where he said that make games that you can play with your friend’s…

I make brilliant games (Detail) But I… don’t have friend’s who always play roblox, so its hard to stay in touch really.

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Episode 4 was amazing! I look forward to all the upcoming episodes.

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Thank you @Thestralance! Definitely a fun series to work on.

Just released Episode 5 with @Quenty!


Would love to hear what you guys think of this series!

Oh man the vocals sound so professional, keep it up!

Thank you, blouten! I appreciate it.

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If you haven’t yet had the chance to view Quenty’s episode, I highly recommend it. No bias :wink:

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I have been watching your series from about two to three weeks ago and it is great! It’s really cool how you can even talk to the creators later on the server!(I’m produde btw)

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Just published Episode 6

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