RoAnalyse - Get a rating with analytics of your roblox profile!

RoAnalyse 🔍 - Roblox made a quick little “game” with an interesting concept. Join the game and you will get a score for your profile based on many of it’s analytics!

Your score will be placed into a spectrum and you can compare your scores with other players in the game!

There’s also a leaderboard that shows the players with the best scores and analytics that joined the game!

How it works:
It uses several roblox web API’s to get stats about each roblox profiles. Each stat gathered contributes to adding points to a total score!

Here is the list of analytics used:

  • Number of groups joined
  • Number of groups owned + total number of members
  • Number of created games + total visits on them
  • Total number of friends
  • Number of limiteds + how much total RAP they have
  • Account age in days/years
  • Total number of badges

Feel free to join and get your own score :stuck_out_tongue:


It’d be cool if the ratings auto-scaled based on the max scores. Once you’re at the max level it’s hard to see where you actually stand.


Cool stuff. Anyone else first think of clockwork’s calculator when they saw this?


Amazing work! I love it! :smiley:

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Pretty cool, worked very well and was 100% accurate. Thought of clockwork’s calculator, great work.

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Cool, But i think game visits should give a better score.

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