RoAPI Wiki, a wiki for Roblox web developers


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The RoAPI wiki is a wiki containing a ton of useful information about the Roblox web API, available at It has around 23 pages containing most of what you need to know to use and access the Roblox web API. Around a dozen contributors have been working really hard to create, edit, and maintain these articles - and you can join in if you’ve got something to add!

It also contains a complete tutorial that supports multiple programming languages which will teach you how to write your own apps that use the Roblox API! Check it out at Tutorial - RoAPI.


This seems great! but i think we already have this on the Developer Hub and DevForum.


Nope! The RoAPI wiki is for the web API and not the Luau API.


As a partial contributor to it, I vouch for this.

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I do agree official API seems to not entirely explain few things.

A (Miraheze!) wiki seems to be a good option.


Oh ok! this seems nice maybe ima give it a try!

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Seems very useful! However, I believe that the Roblox API page is already good enough:

Doesn’t provide more in depth explanations, or examples

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This is absolutely not the case.

The consolidated page (and the other API documentation) is like a list of ingredients in a recipe. You have all the ingredients you need and know you can put them together somehow to bake a cake, but you don’t know how and you just have to try and see what works.

The RoAPI wiki (and other resources like it) are like cookbooks. They show you a list of ingredients, how to use them, how the result should look, what to do when something goes wrong, etc.

Few questions:

What are the requirements to use the RoAPI?
Do we need a dedicated server?
Have you tried to run machine learning algorithms in python with roblox?

Thanks in advance

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RoAPI is a community and not a piece of software. If you’re talking about or another library we support, you should ask in the Discord server.

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I am sorry, I will address those topics there

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Do i need a gmail and that? or just roblox username?

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At the moment, you need to sign up and log in with an actual username and password. In the future, I’ll consider some sort of Roblox login flow.

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Okay thank you @local_ip that will help alot make RoAPI More Easy to log in

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This is really good main page u did a nice job!

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hey everyone! Miraheze, which is the service that hosts our wiki, had some downtime yesterday. If anyone was having trouble accessing the wiki, that should now be fixed!

some new pages were added, including this new one on Thumbnails: Thumbnails - RoAPI - check it out!

Hello - I’m bumping this because there have been a few changes to the wiki since the original post.

If you want to help contribute to the wiki, one of the best ways is writing more code examples! The Users page has a couple:

You can become a contributor and receive a special role if you can contribute legitimately, like writing new examples or editing pages!

The explanations are fantastic, especially this one about why the first authentication request does not work. Great resource!

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Hey everyone! We’re testing out a Material for MkDocs-based wiki on the subdomain Visit and let me know how you like it compared to the MediaWiki-based one!