Roast My Menu: Sweep Squad

Have been working on this menu for a while now. Any feedback would be appreciated. (Not everything is done so some buttons will not do anything).

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Overall this is very good.

I love the beginning scene, which appears to be a lockeroom with a bunch of presents. And it lets you move around slightly


The overall UI is more simplistic and basic but there is sound when you hover and click, which makes it a bit more appealing.

As for the Class selection. Looks very appealing and well done. Especially the peaceful background sound and the awesome interior. With a visual of what your character will look like. There is even a UI which counts the amount of time played for a certain class. That is a very nifty add on.


When it comes to the Weapon Customization screen, oh man is it good. It easily gives you the ability to change your skin, sight, barrel and grip, with clearly visible labels. And even has a feature where you can zoom in and move the gun.


After looking at the Menu I can’t really find a way to roast this, as it is just so good. The menu could have a bit more detail as it looks very simplistic but I am definitely looking forward to playing the finished version.

UI seems fine, but the background is very distracting, no real flow of colors and is overly dark.

I like the darker colors for this. Although the red and yellows in the background almost seem neon compared to everything else. I’d consider muting those colors a little bit

I would suggest that you hide the teams and create your own leaderboard as the teams kind of ruin the scene.


Its a bug with the TopBar, it happens like 1/100 times for no reason at all.

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Idk I had the same issue;
I am sure there is something you can do to prevent it

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Imo the camera should move like 50% less when you move mouse around. It’s too agressive and makes my mouse feel like it moves slower.

Hard to explain.

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Can only reproduce it 1 out of every like 30 tries for myself. No idea how to fix it.

Hard to do that since on different screen resolutions the movement changes. What res are you playing at?

uh i think 2560x1440.
You can get resolution of the indiviual client and change speed based on that.

Small detail but I think it’s really important. Makes it feel less professional when the cam moves so much.
Because everything else about the UI is realllllyyyy awesome.

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Kinda silly and inefficient but couldn’t you just set do this in a client script:

while wait(1) do
   game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled(Enum.CoreGuiType.PlayerList, false)
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Something like that is already in there since @CheetahSp33d images had the playerlist shown. It clearly didn’t work since you also have the issue. So I don’t know what to do.

I get the exact same thing for my menu UI.

I also have a localscript inside my PlayerGui which disables the PlayerList and HealthBar.

Basically what happens when you join my game is the teams still show. But after a second or two it automatically disappears. Then when I re-spawn it no longer shows.

Hopefully in the future Roblox will add the ability to disable the core in studio.

I think that this UI design overall is not only very good, but inspirational to me as well (Although the alpha release for Crossroads Warfare is in 9 (almost 8) days, but I can work on doing a little of this afterwards). Nice job!

I believe that the clicking noise is nice to have when hovering over a button, but it feels rather odd to not see a visual change when there’s a noise (like the button highlighting when you hover over it). Also, when in the ‘preferences’ menu, if you maximize the window or resize it, the sliding bars are taking some sort of input.

I also believe that the preference menu’s scrolling frame should only show the scrolling bar when needed (aka, changing the offset of the CanvasSize based on how many options are in the preference menu). Anyway, that’s my small input.

  • The NPC is a way too stationary. Would be cool if there was some breathing effects or some just subtle motion just to make it look a little more alive and less of a statue. Changes in poses would be pretty cool too.

  • Would be nice if those ceiling fans were spinning as well - will make the background seem more immersive

  • Like half of the UI buttons aren’t working and it’s a bit of a guessing game to work which ones do. It would be helpful to the user to signify that these buttons are out of action by darkening it or similar.

  • Please make the lit areas of the backgrounds to be brighter - especially on the gun in customization where the gun blends into the background too much and it’s wayy to dim.

The following snippet of code always works when I use it. Might I also add that you might want to create a custom leaderboard because if you are planning to support gamepads there is currently a bug(which has been an issue since 2015!) where the playerlist will automatically be selected if its visibility is toggled. There is no way to fix it, no way around it, other than making your own playerlist.

game.StarterGui:SetCoreGuiEnabled("PlayerList", false)

Now to get down to the roasting cracks knuckles

It’s good. Based on Cheetah’s photos(too lazy to join) the ui looks rather clean and simple which is not a bad thing. I would suggest replacing the “Sweep Squad” text with a custom logo so that it looks a bit nicer.

Another suggestion is make the text here that’s supposed to be darker only like 20-30 values lighter. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it’ll but a subtle and cleaner difference. Right now it just looks like it’s white text that isn’t high enough on the z-index and is blocked by the frame which doesn’t look good.


Another suggestion that I would highly suggest is to show aspects of the gun like this rather than using the buttons that you currently have. It’s a clear change and really draws in the user’s eyes as it looks significantly different.

Otherwise I don’t have any problems with your ui, it’s rather clean. The only thing that I ask is please for the love of god if you’re going to support gamepads, even if it’s a long-term goal is that you have the ui support it now(design-wise) so that it doesn’t become an issue later. Also please tell me you’re using scale and not offset.

Menu fully supports gamepads (don’t test tho since I legit broke it by adding and changing stuff but the support is fully there)

The attachments idea is good, I’ll see if I can add it.