Roastique Community — Community Appeal Process

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If you’ve ever sustained any particular moderation actions in terms of a staff or department termination, blacklist, communications warning or termination; you are welcome to appeal your infraction in order to attain a clean moderative reputation . Our appeal process has been provided and displayed below; if you have any concerns/inquiries in regards to appealing, you are expected to contact a member of the Roastique Community Employment Department or Corporate Team for immediate and complementary assistance .

Within your appeal, it’s fundamental to ensure that you include all of the necessary and vital factors regarding your moderation infraction for our team to have a better understanding as to why the demotion/blacklist has occurred. Leaving out vital and necessary information in regards to your appeal enforces it to be significantly more difficult for members of the Employment or Moderation Department and Corporate Team to look into the situation.

Appeals are submitted through a google form . In order to receive and attain the form, it’s essential you’re a member of the Roastique Community Communications Server. If you have been blacklisted from the server, have a friend or somebody join the server and provide you the appeal link.

• Send your appeal and respond to the given and provided inquiries you are provided and presented with. In your responses, it’s notably vital and necessary to understand that including vast amounts of detail and using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling certainly heightens your chance of appeal acceptance.

• Once your appeal has been submitted, you are ideally required to wait around 1-3 weeks for members of the Roastique Employment Department or Moderation Department to evaluate, analyze and review and arrive to the finalized decision on your appeal.

If your appeal is denied, you will pertain and acquire a message in regards to the reasoning behind your appeal denial. You will be informed that you are more than welcome to re-appeal the following week. If your appeal is in fact accepted , the punishment you appealed for will be reverted. In addition, you will receive a message from the department member informing you of your current status. If you are welcomed back into our community and continue with the same actions, your ban will become unappealable.

The most important factor is to ensure and verify your personal messages remain open up to 5-40 business days minimum from when the appeal was exactly submitted. This will substantially help the department members to message you in connection with your status and updates of your appeal.