Robbable Bank/Heist

Hello guys! Sorry to bother you, but I really need help making a bank/heist that players can rob :confused: I am completely in the dark about how to do this so I would really appreciate it if someone gave me a link to a working model or something. I have tried the AlvinBlox model and it did not work, so I need help please!

We aren’t supposed to spoonfeed other members.

You have to try if you want a good game!

Why don’t you just try the AlvinBlox tutorial but follow along yourself?


Yes, I have tried and to no avail. I have watched countless YouTube videos and I am still in the dark, and my script from AlvinBlox does not seem to be working

Then learn how to script by copying scripts you won’t learn anything.

Now if you actually tried and something’s not working you can say it in scripting support.


I suggest trying to figure out why its not working.

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