RoBlocks - a normal block building game

Hello! I made a simple game called “RoBlocks” (previously legno)

Spent two days making it, it’s kind of like build a boat or yar.

Currently only have placing bricks, destroying them, and saving what you made.’

Any type of feedback is appreciated. Thank you!



Overall, the game looks great! I would add more to the game, it feels a little boring at the moment. I would add some buildings, and scenery.


I recommend creating a lag reduce script, because when you place a block sometimes you lag.

Can you give an example of the lag? Maybe a video? Idk how it would lag, it just fires a remote event.

Indeed, but it is a hit or miss if you know what I mean. (Edit): I can’t get the lag. If I can, I will take a video so you can see what I mean.

Very fun game :smiley: and i love the saving aspect of the game

A few things that would be cool:

  • Locally building option so that other people can not see what you are building
  • There is a bug where you can place blocks inside of other peoples and then cannot delete them

Other than those few this a very nice place :smile:

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This is a pretty nice game. I have a few suggestions, though:

  • The UI should fit in with the classic aesthetic (similar to CloneTrooper1019’s Super Nostalgia Zone)
  • Since there’s a possibility of users creating inappropriate stuff in-game, maybe add a reporting system?
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i love it.


Wait… Is that my name? I’m very confused.

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The game is overall great but the name… It’s sounds like a stetched out name of Lego you should find a good name for it. :>

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all in all. I would say it is a pretty fun game as I made an obby! It was a very good experience, though I would recommend making it so you can expand the blocks, also an issue I was having while playing was that when I would try to place the blocks on another block, it would just turn green as if I had already placed it.

Thanks. The bug is a weird glitch with position. I’m trying to fix it.

Looks cool. You may have some copyright issues with you even if you put the N in there.

Thanks. Changed the name to RoBlocks, hopefully I won’t get moderation taken on my account.

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I would have to agree that it may have copyright issues. Maybe try to make a name that resembles building blocks, but at the same time is very original.

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