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Hot Fixes

A couple of bug fixes


The only place for official updates or a list of developers for ROBLOS


Microblox Studios - Community Server

Microblox Studios - Group


There are 3 types of updates
Minor - Regular update mostly a small change
Major - Big massive update. Most likely new apps or an overhaul
Bugfix - Fixes bugs in the game


This game is still in development, files may be deleted at any time for a wipe to revamp systems. Please do not save anything important or use regularly until out of development



New VS code application and … AN APP STORE!!!
With the attention of coding to the main OS from VS code like creating forms right now or windows apps, the app store works independently from the ROBLOX and uses an external server to hold all the data. Soon the website will be public to allow developers to create applications and will be regularly updated but for now only my testing app is out right now.

The server right now is wonky as it’s never always on but that will get fixed soon.


  • Added VSCode/Main Coding to the OS and working app store

Timestamp: August 18 2023 2:05 AM


In this update the website builder gets a new massive upgrade! You can now create code for your website, like javascript the code allows you to querySelect and get the current URL. This code is STILL under development and can result in lag, bugs or unexpected behavior. There are still many steps to improve but right now it seems very nice. It takes a VScode appearance

  • Check out my custom programming language to learn how to use the basics
  • Custom Program Language - Roblox
  • Added coding to browser applications and web builder application

Timestamp: July 2nd 2023 1:40 AM


Having a lot of projects, I couldn’t really update ROBLOS but during my free time I have been remaking the entire OS from scratch. We are pleased to introduce ROBLOS v2 with a whole new file system and notepad system. Allowing for the saving of TXT Files and more with saving to the new Xplorer. You will able to view files and application with saving files as well. Along side we introduced a new BROWSER called Rhodium which is like chromium but doesn’t matter. This also comes with a new WEBSITE BUILDER!!! you can now create websites and publish them to the browser using datastores which means your website updates instantly. Now the Builder is in the baby stage, but I been working on it for a while. This builder includes TextLabels, and TextButtons (with onClick actions) I was thinking about making a programming language just for the browser but at a later time. You can also use in the browser to see all new web builder projects URL and ability to click the links to go there. Thank you for watching the development of ROBLOS

This also comes with a new OOBE!

  • Revamped entire OS [New OOBE, Taskbar, Desktop Icons, Application, and FileSystem]
  • New browser with website builder to allow users to create websites
  • All images are posted on ROBLOX

Timestamp: July 2nd 2023 1:40 AM

BETA 1.7.1 - Minor Update

Added support for consoles.

Timestamp: July 27 2021 2:41 PM

BETA 1.7 - Major Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating! It’s been a long time and I have been working on other projects sneak peek in the community server I officially added datastores for the background colors and gradients. Finally! More will be coming soon! Again sorry for not updating!

We also have a new name! Microblox Studios!
New features that are coming

  • Ability to save TXT Files and folders
  • More fan suggested features join community server to suggest!

Timestamp: July 27 2021 2:10 AM

BETA 1.6 - Major Update

Datastores are WORKING NOW!!! I can now sleep at night.
Datastores save
Pin - No pin does not matter
OOBE Complete
OS Downloaded
Later datastores will save folders and files :smiley:

Added OOBE (Out of box experience just like windows)
Added New Installer GUI

More coming soon! Suggest updates or applications on the Community Server

Timestamp: May 5 2021 11:06 AM

BETA 1.5 - Major/Minor Update

Added a new standalone game called roleplay city!
This game is a part of Microbloxs corp or something but anyways here is link
Roleplay City
You can find it in TRIBLOX, My profile, or the game link above
Have fun!

Sorry for not updating in a while I have many things to work on and roleplay city was one of them ever since the old game I was working on got corrupt. :sad:

BETA 1.4 - Major Update

Added new website to allow fan-made applications/websites to look in the browser for more info

BETA 1.3 - Major Update

Added another new app

BETA 1.2- Major Update

Revamped the main website on the browser check for yourself
Added new app :slight_smile:
Datastores are still in the works I don’t know how to use them :tired_face:
Revamped the start menu to make it look smaller

BETA 1.1- Minor Update

Not a Major update but I made this logo. It took some thinking and whether or not this logo was good but please tell me if it is even if you say it’s terrible.
If there are any bugs report them to the community server

BETA 1.0- Minor Update

Yay! We hit version 1 of the beta!
Anyways just added a new app called notepad, download it at the app store
also you can delete core files :slight_smile:
If there are any bugs then message them on the community server

BETA 0.1.9 - Minor Update

Now no pin is officially added
Still working on a way for these datastores to work :tired_face:

BETA 0.1.8 - Major Update

Added hex color changer to Personalize setting
Added App Store for published downloads with a new category in files
Overhaul on the app frames

New Update should feature

  • Datastores - Save wallpaper, pin, name
  • Ability to add txt files won’t save right now
  • Ability to add folders
BETA 0.1.7 - Major Update

A new social media platform has just been published to the browser :slight_smile:
Triblox changed to a download instead of being on the OS on first start.
The datastores are coming soon where your pin will be saved and wallpaper
Another feature coming as well, creating .txt files and folders
You can suggest features in the community server
Thank you :cowboy_hat_face:

BETA 0.1.6

A new special freeroam button has been added. The only way to get out of freeroam is to currently rejoin the game but that will be fixed in a later update SCRAPPED

BETA 0.1.5

Blue screen has been added for special files there is a 1 in 100 chance of getting a blue screen so watch out!

BETA 0.1.4

Messages have finally been added! Im super happy right now for its release. Right now its public with everyone but I am working on it to be player to player

BETA 0.1.3

Added a new lock screen wallpaper, ability to delete the exe file, added new time and date to OS.

BETA 0.1.2

Well there is a new website go ahead and try it out :slight_smile: of course its not complete and Im still working on it
Update may not come out frequently since I’m the only person on this dev team but I will try my best
If you have any suggestions join the community server

BETA 0.1.1

Long time no see! Just added a new app called Triblox. It’s like Roblox but for the OS. There aren’t many games in it right now and the friend’s menu is still in the works but of course, test it out for yourself! In future updates, you might be able to see your game on the games list. Tell us your feedback on the community server

BETA 0.1.0

Yay! We are finally in beta
Added donations still working on that datastore so you can save your pin, username, and background color anyways I hope you enjoy this OS I thought I would give up on it since it would be too hard but I want to complete this! If you have any suggestions join the community server. Thank you!

alpha 0.0.7

Major Update!
Added new customization to wallpaper which means the setting customize is working now
Also Finally changed the name of the login user from $name to Account and $name os to ROBLOS

alpha 0.0.6

Major Update!
Added a new website to the browser. Of course its not the final version of it there may be some updates to it but I hope you enjoy it!

alpha 0.0.5

Added new option to shutdown

alpha 0.0.4

Added login button to log out quickly. Also added ability to change your username check it out in settings :slight_smile:

alpha 0.0.3

Added login page and added new button to start menu

alpha 0.0.2

Added start menu and a secert for you to figure out :slight_smile:

alpha 0.0.1

The day Development started

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