Roblox 2012 terrain bug

When opening the 2012 starter place, the terrain is completely gone. This only happens in modern roblox and there are no issues with an older client.

I would post this in bug reports, but I’m uncertain on how to get in without a request.

Issue - Legacy terrain versions 1 and 2 will NOT load. (2012 starterplace terrain)

Question - Are there any ways to convert it to make it load?

Roblox - 2012 Starter Place - Roblox - here is an uncopylocked version. Have a look for yourself



The original version was built with Voxel Terrain, made of MegaGrass wich doesn’t exist anymore.
I think the game cant load the Voxel terrain anymore since it was discontinued. You can replace every block manually with the MegaGrass model from the official ROBLOX account. i think

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