Roblox 2019 Events: Updates, Calendar & More

So your job as a game developer is to make sure that you monetize your game really well and that you engage the biggest portion of players that you can into coming back to play your game after the event.

You get a customized catalog price in your game and active highlights rather than just passively sitting on a sort. Featured just means you get a slot on the featured sort and that’s that.

Again, you can’t have your cake and eat it. If you’re doing one of these events then you will need to collaborate with staff and work with the input they have on your pitch for the quest in your game. If that’s not something you’re interested in then sure, go for the Featured games program instead.

PS: They give you a quite a bit of creative freedom. It’s not like they dictate to you what they want, you usually pitch something yourself.

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Halloween seems to be very underrated…
People always seem to be excited about it, so it’d be cool if this gained some more attention!


cheers for the clarity. in that case, I’m alot less concerned about the changes made now :smiley:

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: HEAVY BREATHING


Really appreciate you guys letting us know what’s going to happen in advance.

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I’m actually excited about these events. I like the events 3.0 plan! I’m considering participating in at least one event.

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Indeed. That’s something I might get behind. Just that one event.

I do not agree with the fact that you have not included a Christmas event. I don’t see the purpose behind not including it since it has been a tradition for years. Why are you not doing it?


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Please do not post here from a player perspective. This is not a place to ask questions about when events start or why a certain event hasn’t been released yet.

So we will not be having a, “Holloween” or “Christmas” event this year…

Likely they will have Halloween & Christmas themed events that will be going on during the other events in those months. And even if they don’t, a majority of Roblox creators have themed events during those months anyways for everyone to enjoy!

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Many people have said this before, in this thread and others.
Exposure is not payment.

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They aren’t saying it is paid to begin with though. You may think it’d be better if they did pay, but they aren’t pretending that it’s something it is not.

True. But Roblox should be paying people who work for them regardless if it is a one off job.

They do. They are continuing to pay custom game developers. Just not developers of existing games that are taking part in events.


It isn’t really that much of a job for Roblox as an opportunity people can take to promote their game. You shouldn’t take it if you’re after a stable income without having to use the game’s income, but for promoting your game it should be a welcome chance.


If we are offered to get payed, but don’t want to get paid, could Roblox not give us the money if we wish not to have it, or does Roblox have to pay us?

Because for me, I’m fine with getting exposure and getting an exclusive banded top hat. For me that’s enough, and with that, I wish not to get payed.

If you are talking about the custom event games like Egg Hunt or event lobbies that are built from scratch: that’s not what this post is about. This post is about having your existing games featured for monthly events. These are no longer paid as described in the first post here.

For custom event games like Egg Hunt: You are probably severely underestimating how much time and effort such a position takes. This is not something that you would just do casually just to get a virtual hat. They are intensive projects. There’s not an option for Roblox not to pay you: this is not appropriate and they can’t hold you responsible as much if you are not a paid team member.


Yes, I know, thanks for clearing that up! Yes, I’m aware that events take time and effort, and that’s what I would do, I would work very hard to make sure everything gets done before the deadline. I also forgot to mention that I would work hard to also earn revenue off of. (In this case not real life money, but instead robux). I was just curious about this situation, thanks!

But yes, overall I was just curious whether Roblox would still pay those who worked on the main custom games such as the annual Egg Hunts, but whether or not they would still directly pay those who wished not to be payed. I’m aware that this big benefit is no more when it comes to developer-made games, as I already understood that.

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Please see Roblox 2019 Events Update