Roblox Account Locked By Another Roblox User

My friend’s Roblox account was locked by another Roblox user, and is not able to log into his account what so ever.

Friend’s Account - Friends Account
Locker’s Main Account (Maybe) - Locker’s Main Account (Suspected Main Account)
Locker’s Alt Account - Lockers Alt Account/Account He Does His Locking On

Their roblox about me states they are able to lock roblox accounts, take roblox lock requests for accounts.

The roblox user “LithiumLockedYou” followed my friend’s account on roblox. “LithiumLockedYou” says all the people he follows are accounts he has locked himself. when my friend “jomo” read this on his profile, he then blocked the account that followed him to take precautious action.

a day after this account followed my friend’s account, he was logged out on all devices he was logged into his roblox account on. He tried logging back in with the correct login details and was given the “incorrect login” error.

my friend submitted a password change through the “Forgot Password” feature on roblox only to receive no email from roblox.

no sign of life from the account since he was logged out

Does anybody have any idea on how we could possibly resolve this issue and get his account unlocked for him?


Sue roblox for giving away accounts.


Did he turn on 2-step authentication? If yes, then I really don’t know how he did that. If no, then your friend should’ve turned it on for high protection. Also, I am not sure but maybe phone number could’ve been useful for resetting password? Anyways, this is a dangerous user for non-protected users, if Roblox is not gonna do anything, users are gonna be mad. :frowning:


He did in fact have 2FA on, a phone number added onto the account, AND a hardware key.

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Tell him to check the email that was connected to his account, as Roblox will send out an email whenever you try change an email attached to the account. If he uses gmail, look for any security alerts as it’s entirely possible he logged into the email and gained access to the Roblox account that way.

On a side note, @LithiumLockedYou has read through this thread so just wanted to say how genuinely cringe what you’re doing is. Respect for whatever you’ve discovered (if you actually are doing anything and it’s not some fake thing yk) but like the way you’re using it is just not cool. Not even sure what you really gain from this.