Roblox Account stuck in strange state

After uploading some images to our group on 5/8/2020 my Roblox account was put in a strange state where it takes a very long time for game assets to load or I just cannot retrieve any load data. (Live games and Roblox studio)

I attempted a few different things to debug what the exact problem was and it appears to be account specific, as I only encounter these issues on my main dev account (HowTonyDev).

I would suggest you to contact the official Roblox Support. It sounds strange that something like that could be a thing, that some accounts break in some way(?) and you get a longer loading time. But if you think it’s just your account, contact the Roblox Support.

Roblox Support

I did attempt quite a few different testing methods such as fresh installs on different devices, connecting to a VPN, changing to my mobile network in case it was network related, with all the same results, after switching to a different account the issue was resolved on this account only, loading up my main account brings the loading issues back.

Okay, so I guess that’s something only the Roblox Support can help you then, but thanks for sharing! If you get any informations regarding this from the Roblox Support, feel free to share it under here to let other people know that may experience the same bug. :slight_smile:

well i think its important to have a post and bring attention to this, there may be some issue with the auto moderation that’s causing this.

That’s what I just said, maybe you misunderstood me, but I thanked you for sharing this bug so other people that may experience the same thing can relate to it.

Hi! It does not look like this is a Studio bug. You can always ask @post_approval if you are unsure where to categorize a thread.

@TeeJayron is correct in that you can follow up with our support team to look into your account.