Roblox Adventure Game

I am currently working on a 3D adventure game, kind of like a Mario game. (I’m not gonna make anything Mario, I know I would get hunted by Nintendo lol) I am just make a game with aspects of adventure and story like that!

What aspects would YOU, being the player, like to see in this game?


I’m assuming your game will be something like a platformer/action typed game, which I really enjoy
I’d love to see some unique mechanics that differentiates your game from any other mario-like games and also some challenging boss fights :grinning:


I would like seeing it like Mario but transformed into more of a Roblox game yet still having mechanics similar to Mario

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What exact mechanics? Are you talking like physical game things like the high jumps and power ups, or more the games physical style and story?

I shall make the greatest boss fight ever!

I mean the typical Mario traits like jumping on things to kill them and the ? Blocks where you hit your head on them lol. But then in a 3D version which uses aspects of Mario and puts it into a Roblox game