Roblox advertisement carousels to show more ads without reloading page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to look more Advertisement that other developers pay for and also some user in Roblox don’t know what they gonna play. so…to solved this problem was using the Navigation arrow for Roblox advertisement.
For example:

just for example of my idea that can be used in the Roblox website. if the player clicks the navigation arrow on the Roblox advertisement. show more advertisement that available for you.
this feature also automatically slide for you so that you no need to click the navigation arrow.

why do I ask to make this as a feature on a Roblox website?

it is because some of the developers wanna show the game their working on a like month and wanna show to all user by doing an advertisement. sometimes developer cannot see their own advertisement and it makes the developer lose it money that easily.
so… I do this just because to make all the developer that makes advertisement have a lot of chance to have a lot of people to come to their games and have fun and not only just a game advertise but also clothes, groups and anything else that can use ask a Roblox advertisement.

the end

so yeah that is all I got for today and I will see you next time