Roblox age verification does NOT accept certain valid government-issued ID cards

Currently, I am 5 months away from completing my mandatory military service in Singapore. As part of the 2 year long conscription, my regular government ID (NRIC) is taken away and I am given a different ID card (11B), which shows that I am a National Service-man. This ID card is identical in government recognition as a regular ID card. However, the Roblox age verification process does not accept my ID for whatever reason.


In an email thread with Roblox support, I was merely met with multiple links and reminders as to how to verify my ID. I reminded customer support that I in fact did have a valid government issued ID card with my picture and age on it and therefore according to their rules, they should be able to verify my age on Roblox. I have been ghosted.

If by me posting this means that this issue can be recognized by Roblox, then Roblox should be able to accept this ID, since we have no other form of ID available (expired passports costs money to renew.) If they choose not to accept this ID, then this seems rather discriminatory toward male Singaporean residents such as myself, and perhaps others in other countries facing the same issue.

If you own a valid government issued ID card and it is not accepted, do let us know below so that Roblox can see.

Edit: I was personally able to find old pictures of my NRIC which I was able to use for verification.


Roblox uses a 3rd party system to verify an identity so emailing the customer support would not be as helpful. Hopefully this post gets some more attention from staff.