Roblox AltFGrav! (Gravity Plugin!)

AltFGrav! :apple:
The new way to adjust gravity.
New Project - 2022-03-26T162006.091
Hello I am AltF4 and I am happy to release AltFGrav, my newest plugin!
In this plugin you are able to change the gravity in your games without having to press a plugin button!
You are able to use presets and change the gravity form the Configuration folder in workspace!
This makes changing the gravity easy!


Features: :star:

  • Presets! :+1:
  • Easy to use interface!:zap:
  • Ajustable Gravity!:green_apple:

Hope you ENJOY!:smiley:

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How is this different from adjusting the workspace’s gravity?


There are presets and lets say you put the gravity to 0, it will detect 0 and put the gravity to 20. This plugin is mainly for people starting out development on the ROBLOX platform.