Roblox always tries to play sound through vive

The vive is not my default device and its power cable isn’t even plugged in. The only way roblox knows it exists is because the usb is plugged in.

This appears to be a windows problem. The sound splitting feature is useful but limited in what you can do.


Looks to be windows, not roblox. Unless roblox can magically change your default audio player.

If ROBLOX is playing through a non-default device, how is that not ROBLOX’s fault?

It isn’t changing my default audio player, it’s just playing through the vive for no reason. My default audio player is my headset, which doesn’t receive any audio from roblox while my vive is plugged in.

I’m not convinced that this is a windows problem. Roblox is the only program that does this and roblox has other issues regarding the vive being plugged in.