Roblox and Node js interaction

Hello, this is my first post. I was wondering how to make a system that allows me to interact with a roblox game from a web server (in real time) I don’t want any code, I just want an explanation on how and if its possible. I only really understand webhooks, but sadly that is not a httpservice feature. (I am using express and node for the web server)

When interacting between a roblox game you made and a web server in real time, MessagingService would be your best option. What are you trying to do with the system you’re making?

can you fire messagingservice from a remote server?


Let me give you an example.

Let’s say I wanted to kick someone who’s in your Roblox game remotely. You could use Open Cloud’s MessagingService with this.

You’d publish a “message” that contains the username of the person you’d want to kick using the web server, and then Subscribe to the message, getting the username that was published and kicking the player. This would all happen in real time.

Would you like a code example of this?

yes please, i just didn’t know there was an http api to fire messagingservice. i mean from node.js

sorry, i understand now with the open cloud

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