Roblox and Roblox Studio arent showing the same thing

Hey, I recently completed a commission for @48kGoatOfficial and when I created the game, Roblox Studio was working and functioning as it is however when I hop in roblox, its much different, I’m not sure whats going on but the old version was very buggy. If anyone could please help me out that’d be appreciated!

I’m able to provide with videos, screenshots and more.

(no items could be found pretty much)
What I got in Roblox

What I got in studio
(all items were loaded and printed)

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Edit : Its been resolved, thanks to davit#1020 for helping me solve it!

Please post the actual Solution, not just that it’s solved.

If others search for the same topic and you have the Solution posted then they will see how it was resolved.


Sorry, I managed to solve it by using the migrate to new update feature and shutting down all servers


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