Roblox Animation Pack IDs (Walk, Run, Jump etc.)

I had to copy and paste every single Animation ID for every Animation pack. And because I want to spare other people the effort, here are the IDs. I put it in a .txt file for now.

AnimationIDs.txt (2.1 KB)

Please blame me if there’s a easier way to do this!

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Thank you! Funny enough I did actually need this at one point, it’s hard to collect them all

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This is a contribution that is always going to be underrated haha. Thank you so much for this - I remember trying to find them myself and it was a tough time. Thank you!!


No Problem. I just wanted to spare people the efford :slight_smile: Don’t really know wheter this got a use.

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None of them work for me. My avatar just stiffens out like a plank.

What did you use them for? Maybe you’re using it wrong. If there is no error the animations probably don’t load because of your internet connection. Pretty sure the IDs are right. You might check out how to use animations in game.

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