Roblox Animation Pose Saver

Ever since the new animation editor was released, @tyridge77’s plugin that saves animation poses has been broken.

I wrote my own quick plugin that stores a clone of a model in the given pose:

To use it:

  1. Select the model you wish to clone
  2. Press the “Select Pose Model” button from the plugins toolbar
  3. Set the pose of the model using the animation editor to whatever you wish
  4. Press the “Save Model Pose” button to save a clone of the saved model, in the same directory as the selected model

Be warned that you cannot edit the animations of the clone, so be sure to keep the original model around incase you need to change the pose in the future!

Post any bugs/feature requests here.


I already made plugin that allows you to do this [PLUGIN]


Thank you for posting this. Someone just the other day was looking for one of these and I mentioned JusteTheCoder’s. I have not tried yours out yet, but I do appreciate your effort and work put into it. Although there already is a plugin out, having the competition is great because it drives the need for improvements to create a better plugin.

Thank you! This is always been a feature with moon animation suite, but not the actual editor, thank you for this!!! :smile:

This is really cool! I think this may come in handy for my Club.

Sorry for bumping this topic but I just want to say

Thank you! The plug in really works!