Roblox Animations Not Loading

I have set up a script that loads default Roblox animations into NPC characters. I have manually set the idle priority to Movement, to help it work better. When I use my group’s animations, they work fine, however when I take an animation ID from an animation pack on Roblox, it doesn’t play.

Is there something purposely preventing me from playing the Roblox animations? Or is this an error? The script outputs no error, and the animation that the NPC is using has been updated properly.

Can we see the script? It might help.

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I think I’m having a similar problem to this. I am trying to create a knife with an animation, but when I play the animation only the torso moves.

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The script is inside a Humanoid, and there is an Animation instance in the Humanoid called “Idle”. Desc is a HumanoidDescription loaded from a player (And yes, I have confirmed that the ID gets put into the animation).

It is easier to just copy the default animation script from your Character and pasting it into the NPC and then change the AnimtionId’s of the Animations