Roblox api for returning the name of an asset?

I am trying to get the name of an asset with an id. I can’t find any endpoints or apis that work. (I am working with Python for anyone wanting to know)

Thanks in advance.

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Asset = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(IDHERE)
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This should probably help you alot since it shows all of the web apis:

This is only available in roblox I am using python outside of roblox

None of these seem to do what I need it needs to work with audios and decals

Have you looked at all of them though?

Yes, they do. Please look at the list.

See and

I’m aware the OP is 2 years old

@busterbob64 doesn’t seem like works?

and @noahrepublic have you found a solution for this?

Use, was sunset: [Action Needed] Sunsetting

I’m using that one and being rate limited, it throttles really fast, seems it allows 1 query per minute

that’s unusable for my use case :sweat_smile:

what’s your use case? and are you looking for info on a specific type of asset?

UGC, and I want to attach metadata to downloaded rbxm files

I have a UGC shop, instead of using LoadAsset and GetProductInfo during runtime every time a new server starts, I want to have static files built into the .rbxl so we don’t waste time and resources

I’m using a Lune script (outside of Roblox) to do this

local metadata = fetchMetadata(ASSET_ID)

	local model = roblox.deserializeModel(asset)[1]

	model:SetAttribute("AssetId", metadata.AssetId)
	model:SetAttribute("AssetTypeId", metadata.AssetTypeId)
	model:SetAttribute("Description", metadata.Description)
	model:SetAttribute("PriceInRobux", metadata.PriceInRobux)

	model = roblox.serializeModel({ model }, false)

	-- print(asset)
	-- print(metadata)
	-- print(model)

	fs.writeFile(`{metadata.Name}.rbxm`, model)

i’m not getting ratelimited at all using the api julia sent above


That’s really interesting because I immediately get 429: Too Many Requests after the first request

	local response = net.request({
		url = `{assetid}/details`,

i’ll try this one

are you using a proxy IP or providing authorization headers? (it shouldn’t need auth)

No, that’s all the code i use for the request

I’m using my Local PC to do the request with a Lune script and no headers

might be with how Lune sends requests? not sure… try it in your browser

that’s okay, I think the new endpoint here works great

got it from here