Roblox API Links

So lately I have been using Roblox API to create some modules and stuffs .
So I used the Roblox API docs API DOCS. So I found out that there are few sub-categories and they have their own Docs like Screenshot , for example : Users API docs .
So I found docs for Some Sub Categories , Like Users , Friends , Groups Assets . But I can’t find the docs for the Marketplace API and some other . Any Help is accepted thanks :smile:

I was not asking for the MarketPlaceService Screenshot . Here GET /marketplace/productinfo there will be a docs showing all the GET , POST , PATCH for Marketplace API i want that docs.

There isn’t one for Marketplace. If your looking for others, go here:

Well how would I be able to use the Marketplace API , I don’t know the URL for it and I think getting it would be very useful for me.

The URL doesn’t exist, you have to use

There is a topic about all the apis “known” if you want to look:

Thanks , but how will I use this ? Like i tried{id} and{id}

Add the assetId query, like this: