Roblox API Module v1.2

Hello everyone,

At first I created this API Module for myself to make it easier for me to Get Data from APIs with a short function call but Now I have chosen to share it since it can be really useful for any of your games if you would want to add stuff like:

  • Like Goals for Rewards
  • Favorite Goal for Rewards
  • Group Finding Game
  • Group Info Game


v1 Created API Module

  • GetCreatedAssets ( Temporarily Removed )
  • GetCreatedGamepasses ( Temporarily Removed )
  • GetCreatedShirts ( Temporarily Removed )
  • GetCreatedTShirts ( Temporarily Removed )
  • GetCreatedPants ( Temporarily Removed )
  • GetUniverseID
  • GetGameFavorites
  • GetGameLikes
  • GetGameDislikes

v1.1 Added Group API

  • GetGroupIdFromName
  • GetGroupInfo
  • GetGroupRoles
  • GetGroupRoleRanks


  • GetServers ( Does not work with roproxy )

  • GetServerById ( Does not work with roproxy )

  • GetGameInfo

  • GetGameVisits

API Module:


I am sorry to inform you that game.GameId exists

Also interesting module (imo), looking foward for more features


Oh never knew that but Thanks for the feedback.

This is just want I have been wanting for a loooooooooong time. Now I can make a better gamepass system!

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nice module

can you add getgroupmembers thanks.

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Will this be compatible with groups? (Get assets created by Group)


Appreciate all the Feedback, Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look at that, If its possible to make then I will definitely add it!

Hope you enjoy the Module and Thanks for using it!

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maybe add get badges in the game?

I will also look into that as well, Thanks!

How do I use the module I tried doing this

local APIFunctions = require(script.APIFunctions)

APIFunctions:GetGameLikes(10061568590, 3700991586)

@instanitly you should only put 1 of them Arguments for now, In the next update I will make it so you can put both in without error.

Update will include Group APIs with a lot more Functions!

so only the place id is needed not the universeid?

You could use either of them but one of them has to be nil for it to work at the moment.

This will definitely be fixed in the next Update!

Okay thank you for telling me about the next update of the module.

No Problem have fun with the Module and hopefully it will help you a lot with your Projects. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, thank you too, because you just made it easier for me to make a favorite goal and a like goal.

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This feature has been Added with a lot more Group Related APIs.

Have fun!

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Perhaps you could add a Roblox Status feature using the Roblox Status Live API. :slight_smile:

Could you explain to me what it actually is?

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