Roblox API Timeouts


Hello there!

I have an auto-rank bot. It checks if player has gamepass. If so, he gets VIP. The problem is that bot crashes every about 3 hours. Does anybody know how to catch erroes with roblox-js and prevent crashing? I also wonder if Roblox API has got any limits, because ive got TIMEOUT error. Does anybody know?

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Any tutorial about error handling in js fits here, just Google your way to the solution because this is not a javascript forum, i.e.

If there’s a bug in that package you should contact the maintainer about it. Nothing else can be said since that’s all the information you provided.

Yeah you’ll have to deal with errors in any kind of web application regardless of limits. No, Roblox does not publish any limits for the endpoints.


I guess. That’s like I’ve thought. Ikr that it isn’t any javascript forum. Just were wondering if anybody knows so. Thanks for response. Now i will have to mantain roblox-js on my own lmao since it doesnt handle errors. :frowning: