Roblox API wouldn't return any VIP/Private Server

I’m using API to get the servers from a game. The code:

local HttpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local GameId = 370731277 --// Using MeepCity as an example because the game have Privated Servers.
local Link = HttpService:GetAsync("".. tostring(GameId) .."/servers/VIP")

You can get three server list types:
I’m trying to get every server in the VIP server list, to get every server created by TeleportToPrivateServer, however, in the API page, it doesn’t return any server, but in Studio/Game, it gives a HTTP 400 error, with one of those reasons:
I don’t know what i’m doing incorrectly, your help is really appreciated, thanks for reading.

Maybe you can only do this for your game?

This might be happening because HttpService can’t access

I already tested it with my own game, but i got the same results.

@GalaxyGourmet - I already have HttpService enabled.

Thanks for helping.

I know it’s enabled, but that doesn’t mean it has no restrictions.

Read the API reference to see what I mean.

Now i understand what you’re trying to say, sorry.

I’m using as a proxy to access the Roblox API

Well either way if you are trying to get VIP servers for a game I’m pretty sure it won’t return anything.
“previousPageCursor”: null,
“nextPageCursor”: null,
“data”: []
I got returned this when I attempted to get VIP servers.
Also teleporttoprivateserver is something used with teleport service usually to create private lobbies and stuff