Roblox App automatically logged me out

The Issue
Greetings, as a Roblox developer and user it is currently inconvenient for me to get automatically logged-out of my Roblox account.

Reproduction Steps
Currently, I’m unable to state what specific reproduction steps are done, but this only occurs when I notice the Roblox app’s performance is slow, and sometimes the upper top-bar is blue.

I’m currently also uncertain if this is somewhat connected with this bug.

Date and time of occurrence

  • Bug was discovered on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 11:58PM Philippine Standard Time


  • Apple iPhone XS Max


As you watch the video, notice I logged-in and instantly got logged-out.

Aftermath of the Bug

I’ve experienced a glitch after the bug, and this minor glitch shows that when I press ‘chat’ it shows my avatar editor, but only my avatar.

Edit: I recently got the video of the bug, after testing in logging into Roblox via the App version of Apple.


Did you recently change your password on another device? If yes, you’ll automatically be logged out in any other device.


No, I didn’t actually, this occurred to me again after I made this post.

Actually, the aftermath of the bug still also occurred.

Notice the time on this image.

Edit: I’ve now procured a video of the bug


I can confirm this is not just you. Happened to me twice today. Very frustrating. Hopefully we get a response soon.


Bug Report Update

As of Sunday, November 29, 2020, I’m still experiencing the bug, however, I’ve attempted to do a solution for the bug.
I simply restarted my Roblox App, and I was automatically logged in.


Such bug happens to me as well. It is very frustrating to login everytime I open the Roblox app. I haven’t experienced this bug on Android, but on iOS, even in 2021, the bug is still there.

Happens to me all the time. It’s very annoying. I’ll get randomly logged out while I’m playing games. Hope this is fixed soon.