Roblox app in android is randomly crashing

Roblox app in android is randomly crashing not just the app but my WHOLE PHONE SYSTEM i cant even take screenshots until i shutdown my phone, im having this bug constantly.

Im using the last update for roblox and android.

My phone info:

Crashing logs

Im having this bug since 6/12/2022

Also other people have this bug

My phone is a samsung note 10 lite (android 12)

reproduction steps
the bug happens randomly but usually happens
Roblox app home
When you join a experience
Login screen

Solutions tried:
Factory reset
Clear cache
Re install roblox app

What happens once your roblox crash:
The screen will be black or fade out and you cant use any buttons or close roblox app until your phone automatically go to lock screen and you open camera with shortcuts and close roblox app

Sometimes it also crash a android internal app named SYSTEM UI

People are also reporting this bug in another android versions and phones.

Temporary fix (usually lasts for 1 minute)
Clear all the roblox app data
Force roblox app to stop
Re start your phone


We’ve filled a ticket into our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for the report!


Any update in this bug? Other people are also having this bug resulting in decrease in roblox app stars.


I’ve also been experiencing this for nearly a month, I tried uninstalling game launcher, reinstalling roblox, updating my android os and nothing. The strange thing is that it only crashes on specific android phones (samsung s8 btw) and not every android phone. I hope this gets fixed because i cannot play roblox at all :pray:

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I would recommend you to be patient as according to @tnavarts in a topic, he has clarified that they are going to return in the next week in the context of responding and continue analysing releases and so on.

If an engineer was a little online back ago, they were possibly attending to other users’ problems… But, likewise, in the meantime, it is quite good to remain to wait until further reply.

EXTRA: You do not lose your Roblox Premium Subscription if the application is constantly crashing, it will still remain on your account unless you cancel, and it will be for a limited time until the expiration date.

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any updates on this issue??? for me it keep crashing even in login panel.

@Focia19 @tnavarts im having a player drop and lots of players reporting this issue

Issue looks fixed :wink:

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