ROBLOX App on iOS 11 - v4 - Crashing

  • First of all, I downloaded the iOS 11 Beta 4 as a developer account, when I try to open ROBLOX app, it says all the loading labels, after that when the home page loads it automatically crashes!

  • Everytime it happens, I also tryied to restart the cellphone.

  • YouTube video showing it.

  • It started happening since when iOS 11 Beta got released.

  • New:

  • I just got the iOS 11 Beta 5 and the problem still.

  • My device is an iPhone 7.

Have you tried out any other 3D based apps that use Metal as their rending API? Could just be a generic problem with iOS 11 Beta.

I just tried with a 3D game, it’s happening just in ROBLOX App.

I can confirm this, the app just goes black and closes itself before showing the home screen. I updated to beta 5 earlier today and it still happens.

I got that same exact thing for a day or two.

It takes a couple days, but it’ll start acting normally again.
It’s a pain, but it’s to be expected with beta.