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Roblox Architects was founded on September 28, 2009 by ZeroVelocity and Fisherman94. In 2018, the group was handed down to Plutonem to continue RAR’s long and dedicated legacy.

Our aim at RAR is to create a community for users with a passion for building to develop their skills in a mutually beneficial and constructive environment. It’s the go-to group for builders who have learned the basics of Roblox studio and want to get more involved in the building community. RAR has a diverse selection of builders from varying skill levels with a cumulative knowledge to help members shape their paths.

This page details everything you need to know about how RAR operates on a day to day basis.

Group: ROBLOX Architects - Roblox

Code of Conduct

A member of Roblox Architects is expected to conduct himself in a way that respects him/herself and others. Acknowledge that other members are often in contact with the same developers and bad reputations spread quickly. Keep in mind that administrators are free to remove you from RAR at any time if they judge your behavior as unacceptable, your actions represent the group’s identity.

Users should avoid sensitive subjects such as politics, personal issues or any heated debates. We invite users to discuss anything that comes to their mind as long as it isn’t offensive, causing harm or too inappropriate.

Ranks and Ranking Up

Roblox Architects offer three levels of experience to help distinguish more advanced users:
An intrinsic member has grasped the basic concepts of building. They’ve dedicated themselves to developing a place or set of models to show off their talent.
There is a big step up from intrinsic to extraordinary and getting to this rank is no small feat. There are lots of builders on Roblox but these users have showcases or builds that are distinctive and impressive. Their skills have spread from simple building to creating atmospheric and detailed creations.
These members create incredibly high detailed and consistent showcases and have likely been doing so for a long time. This is the most prestigious rank in RAR and only the most elite builders can climb this high. Users here have experience in most, if not all, facets of studio and have proven their skill time and time again. Users who wish to apply to this rank must do so with a completed showcase.


In order to rank up you must send a request to one of our moderators via private messages. You should include the place(s) you want us to review and the rank you are applying for.

Team Create

The “Project Creator” rank is a temporary rank for users who have applied to be creators and help out with group projects. Rules for team create will change with every project and you will be briefed and promoted when your work has been looked at and accepted by RAR’s administration.

Entry Guide

  • Understanding of tools (Roblox Studio, Blender if applicable, etc.).
  • Quality of build and attention to detail.
  • Coherence through the build (areas are equally detailed).
  • Ambiance (Lighting, Sound).
To join Roblox Architects you should include “RAR” in the title or description of the game you would like us to look at before sending a join request. This makes it infinitely easier for our hardworking moderators to do their jobs. If you do not do this, mods reserve the right to decline your request.

Our moderators frequently look through join requests, but if you’d like to streamline the process feel free to send a message to one of our mods with a link to the place(s) that you’d like them to look at.

If you feel like your application is taking a long time and you haven’t managed to make contact with anyone in the moderation team you may, in this case, message administrators with your places.

Please note also that the group is almost 10 years old as of now, which means there are members of the administration team that are no longer active. Should you be interested in contacting an administrator please direct your questions to our active administrators: Urbanize, Skeledonut


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