Roblox Audio Moderation Problem

Hello, I uploaded audio in Roblox, and it got moderated exactly after 40 seconds. And I’m not getting any kind of refund for it. Is it a common bug, and should I contact support?

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I dont think roblox can refund sounds cause its not on the avatar shop. And if it was copyrighted then you could edit your sound to a new one as i remember.


It’s probably because of:

Copyright (Somehow?)

I agree with @TestAccount87000, you can just make the audio shorter.

You can refer to this,


I don’t know what your audio sounds like, but just incase:

Avoid speeding up, warping, or making it distorted. Roblox does not like it, and thinks that your audio might have something bad on it.

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Thank you very much for the advice!

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Thanks! I should try shortening the audio.

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