ROBLOX awfully slow today

For whatever reason, it takes several minutes to both join games on ROBLOX, as well as try edit places from Studio now.

When I try edit from studio, the place cannot be opened, and the console is left with errors like these:
18:19:49.349 - ParticleEmitter is unavailable at the moment.
18:19:49.350 - Script ‘Start Game’, Line 67
18:19:49.351 - Stack End

Earlier, when I tried joining a game, it even made me enter as a guest, even though I was logged in the whole time. :confused:

Anyone else got the same problems?

ROBLOX crashed for the first time in ages. It went into “not responding mode”.

(On the topic of recent updates)
I noticed they updated the settings core UI and my cursor speed seems to be a lot slower :frowning: