Roblox Badges - API

So I was checking if there was a way to check a list of Roblox Badges that a person owns with the help of an API . I know how to get list of Game Badges But No Idea how t get list of Roblox Badges . Any help will be appreciated.

Please read the OP before reply.

And… that API still fetches Roblox badges.

I’ve confirmed, this returns a game badges.

EDIT: For those who don’t know Roblox badges, here’s a link.

I have tried that , it only gives game Badges , thats not what I want . I want Roblox Badges like Administrator , Friendship Badge etc.

Edit, you’re right. I apologise for the misunderstanding on my behalf. I’m not sure if there’s an API for that.

This API works:!/Badges/get_v1_users_userId_badges

If you’re sending requests from the roblox client or studio, replace the domain with, a proxy website domain

That does not return Roblox Badges, only player badges.

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What do you need this for? Some of these you can calculate without actually checking their badges, like Bricksmith, but I’m not sure there’s an API to get all of them.

If you need a list of all of them, they’re embedded into the user’s profile HTML (even the ones hidden behind “Show More”), so you could make a request to that. Parsing HTML would be pretty error-prone and messy though, so don’t do that except as a last resort.

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The easiest method that I know of is to parse the HTML on the user’s profile, as it seems that roblox doesn’t have an API for that:

local url = "" 
local body = game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(url)
local p = "class=badge%-link title=\"?([%w%s]+)\"?" 

for txt in body:gmatch(p) do 

What the HTML code looks like and how the string pattern above is derived:

Well , i was making a python module which gives data about a user , group , marketplace etc.
So i need this to get the User’s Badge ,I thought about Webscraping but if the person is banned , it won’t be possible.

Use the accountinformation API, like this: