Roblox banned my account for "Sexual Content"

So I wanted to upload a copy of the “Happy Home in ROBLOXia from 2007” onto a account. And in a few minutes it was literally deleted, the account got a warning.

I don’t get it, what’s wrong??
Here’s the RBXL File of the game

HappyHomeInROBLOXIA.rbxl (88.4 KB)

Note: I got the Happy Home game from a uncopylocked place. I dont't get how the hell is this possible

Probably a mistake, you should go appeal it. Though there was a sound instance that seems to be lying around(it only plays winds).

i believe that in this “uncopylocked” place there must be a virus hidden inside of it. or YOU might have unintentionally added one yourselves

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yes, and i put it there

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So I risked it and decided to upload the game to my Main Account
And It did not get deleted, maybe it is because of the username,
but how and why??

You are going to need to contact Roblox support and appeal. Doubt its your username, but I think its a mistake on Roblox’s end. Keep in mind the moderation is usually done by using bots and it isn’t always accurate. Also another way this could of happened if someone mass reported you.

Eh, the account is newly made and barely anyone knows it

clearly lying there

It looks that you have your account back! :grinning:

yep, thank god

Huh… That’s outrageous, It’s uncopylocked so how come that happened? Maybe a mistake? or a hidden trojan? Strange…