Roblox Battle Royale Map Size

How big should a Roblox Battle Royale map be? In Studs

Main Focus
So I am just messing around with builds and stuff, and just wanted to test some BR stuff and make a full map for it. I was wondering what a good size for the map would be? I want more of a big Fortnite/Warzone, so a big map. I think Jailbreak is like 5,000 studs, but I don’t think that’s anywhere near close to big enough. Anyone know?

Thank you!


If you are going to make it big, try to do it with few triangles since the triangles rent out the games. otherwise make the map a bit smaller and make it more realistic ( with more triangles )


jailbreaks map size seems fine honestly especially with the new area

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I think maybe a little bit bigger, but it is going to be a 100 player battle royale, which it might need to be pretty big


For the map size, do not exceed 5000x5000.
It would be way too laggy and gameplay will be too long, as players struggle to get across and find other players.

Cool idea, a 100 players battle royale. Do you think that nobody else came up with that idea before you?
100 players in a gigantic map is simply an idealist idea on Roblox, keep it to something more original and feasible.


Some ones salty :skull:

Its a battle royale, the concept of battle royale is literally 100 people on a map fighting to be the last person alive, thats literally what a battle royale is. If the map isn’t big, then the game isn’t fun. Also terrain literally doesn’t render when its far away, saving lag for players, I can also figure out an optimizing system so people wont lag.

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Dangerous thinking, not having even begun the development process and you’ve already settled to “figure it out later.”
This is going to be a very difficult task to streamline gameplay for 100 concurrent players. I would recommend starting much smaller so that you don’t face burnout attempting to make such a massive landscape that may become unusable. Try getting BR gameplay to work with 20 or so players on a map a tenth the size of this idea first, that would at least get you a feel for how much space is actually necessary before the daunting labor of getting that additional acreage. If you write clean, efficient code to handle few players, you can gradually scale from there to figure out if 100 is viable.


Ive made the map around 6,000 studs. I am totally fine with building all of it, and I have many things already figured out, I am still in a planning/testing phase. The game is only going to have maybe 50-60 players, as the map is no where near big enough


Can’t be salty of a game invented in 2018 and had millions of copies :wink:

No, a battle royale does not have to include 100 players, there are no rules of such, and plus, if you’re developing somewhere else, you can try to replicate the generic 100 players system, but on Roblox, there’re not providing the databases to support your idealist dreams.

I can’t believe you’re talking about terrain, if you’re making a gigantic map you can’t use the Roblox terrain, it lags insanely more than parts. :expressionless:

There’s no “big enough” or “enough players”, more players does not equal to more enjoyment, you don’t have to force yourself to remake the Fortnite map size with the Fortnite lobby size, you can definitely come up with better concepts while keeping it feasible.

Planning would be like game designing, which is the first steps, but isn’t testing the last steps? You probably meant experimenting since testing usually means QA Testing.

I’m not jealous or spreading negativity, I do hope you can create something amazing, but whether if it’s for money or entertainment, it’s better to keep the process logical. Good luck!

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You literally have no clue what a battle royale game is :skull:

First off, you’re acting like Fortnite invented it, guess what, they didn’t.

Second off, Roblox terrain doesn’t lag more that parts, terrain literally deloads after a certain distance away.

Third off, player count does matter. If theres 6 people in a game on a ginormous map, thats boring, but if there is a perfect amount, its fun. Also, when did I EVER, say I was remaking anything fortnite, I literally said inspiration, and size or a Fortnite/Warzone type map, cause they are the perfect size.

Lastly, why wouldn’t I test stuff? I’m gonna make 600 things just to found out it doesn’t work at all unless I redo it all? I’m the only one in this comments section keeping it logical, its a BR game, im literally following the rules of a BR game, you are clearly toxic about something, whether its you just have no idea about game developing, or you need to go outside for once or something, but you really thought you did something :skull:

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Your inspirations comes from Fortnite, they’re the guys who put it into action, and if you talk about some indie dude who came up with the idea first, they didn’t get to accomplish anything.

Of course it does, it’s contains so much more unnecessary data than parts, terrain lags out a lot especially if you’re implementing realism.

Of course it matters but all the top or medium small games on Roblox only contains a few dozens of players in every server, and most of them are casual games where everyone does their own activities in separate parts of the map, you’re not a revolutionary just by spamming server or map size.

This is absurd, “developing phrase” includes testing aspects, and “testing phrase” includes bug fixing but the focus is different. So if you say that by testing after scripting you call it a testing phrase, then since you type your keyboard when you script, should we also call it a “typing phrase”? :joy: Don’t call anyone else “no idea” when you put planning and testing in one phrase, that’s like putting brainstorming and advertising together.

You’re not following the rules of battle royales cause you’re first of all on Roblox, get it right.
Nobody is toxic against anything, why would you suggest us to do that?
Go to Unity or Unreal if you insist on making your generic battle royale or fix your pride, understand why nobody made Minecraft or Fortnite yet on Roblox.


I think it can be like 15000x15000 studs for 100 players!


If you played the first btle royal you will have realized that at the beginning they were SMALL and then they evolved

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Thank you for being the only one to answer the question! That does seem like a good size for it!

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Typically, your servers won’t be full to the max, so I’d say maybe around 3500x3500?


You literally have no idea how to develop oh my goodness.

So far you’ve done nothing but try and argue your false point.

You’re literally saying fortnite invented battle royale :skull:, PubG was one of the biggest games before Fortnite came out and guess what, it was a battle royale. There were many big battle royale games before Fortnite, and the literal only thing im taking inspiration from, is fortnites cartoony/realistic style

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I moved it down from 100 players to 50-60 after I only made the map 6000x6000 on accident.

If I advertise the ever living crap out of it on roblox, discord, reddit, other social media platforms, have my friends advertise it, maybe it will get a lot of players

But also like I said, not even sure if this is gonna release cause it was just for my own fun

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Will be there to see your unplayably large generic map.

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Ah yes, large map = unplayable and generic

Great job picking a random part of my post and reforming the meaning, unnecessarily humongous maps are negative, which includes trying to make a 225000000 square studs map in the Roblox engine, logical big maps are positive as it brings good gameplay while not causing stupidly high lag.

Remember, most people on Roblox does not have very advanced hardwares, and those who does, will not play a degraded version on Roblox when they have hundreds of better options.

Don’t try to play smart here, I don’t need you to prove me anything, another attempt to make a cunning insult you’re just making enemies. :expressionless: