Roblox Battle Royale Template Building System

Hello people! I have used the new Roblox Battle Royale Template and love the building system, but is there a way to use it in other games? I have tried this before, to no success. I would love all help and support.


What do you mean by this? You can copy and paste all the resources in the main game into your game, and that would work :slight_smile:

Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

you can use the script that comes on the page comes a configuration of the construction system I’m not sure if it works for you

actually it doesn’t work Cheers :slight_smile:

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When I copy and paste it into my game it worked :confused:

Did you use a certain template? What parts did you copy and paste?

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Everything that was in the official game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol. Thanks. I was thinking you did it some other way but, lol.

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Someone know how to use the breaking system in other game? I dont want the building system

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you could use a Proximity Prompt, then use [PartName]:Destroy() to break. if you want to make a building system, insert UIS (UserInputService) in your game, then make an if statement that allows you to place a part down if you press a certain keybind, using

Ok thanks! Just a question what is the script for destroy part?

if -- does something worthy of building a part
  local Part = Instance.New("Part")
  Part.Parent = game.Workspace
  if -- does something worthy of destroying a part
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Thanks a lot! It’s really helpful !