Roblox -> Blender .obj import issue

Description of the issue

I am doing a commission however my roblox models won’t open in blender. As the error image below in evidence shows it says that a object has no value. This is impossible every model in there has a value ; to make sure of this I removed all particle systems, scripts, lighting and other intangible things in the model and still no improvement.


→ explorer

→ Blender error message

have you tried exporting it as an fbx?

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Roblox only allows you to export objects as a .OBJ file.

I believe Roblox models that have extra features such as ParticleEmitters, Scripts, etc. won’t have any issue exporting as .obj… Have you tried going into Blender and importing as .fbx?

I will be sure to try that

Will defo try that one out :+1: