Roblox Blender Rigs

I am in need of a Rig for me to use in Blender. The previous one I have been using has some flaws that can’t be worked around. Are there any good rigs that I should try out?


This plugin may help with what you’re trying to do -


Hello, good question! Some rigs I personally use a ton for my GFX and highly recommend:

MattRBX’s Ultimate Rig: (Blender) Roblox Ultimate Rig Demo Tutorial - YouTube
Smooth, but kind of sharp edges if bent fully. This focuses on R6 textures and the package can be changed via the Outliner on Blender. For more detail, you should check out the link above.

Paint Rig: How to use a Roblox Blender Rig - YouTube
This rig is mostly used by beginners from what I’ve seen. The rig has smoother edges and more curved edges. Downside is it cannot change packages like Ultimate Rig. This focuses on R6 textures.

R15 Rig: Blender Roblox R15 Rig V3 - YouTube
As the name suggests, this rig focuses on R15 textures and the look of R15 in general. This rig is especially easy to use.

At least one of the listed are super helpful. Good luck!


This post is useful: Roblox Blender RIG!
Blender rig with polished fancy wrists.