Roblox Bloxxers United - Noob's Guide

Welcome to the Noob’s guide to RBU, the one stop shop to learn the information you need to get started in RBU! Here, you can learn the rules of RBU, what RBU does, and the types of events it partakes in. RBU is a chiller alternative to the more competitive clans on Roblox, and you may notice differences between RBU and other militaries and clans, and this guide is designed to help you adjust to this unfamiliar environment.

The first thing you must know about the RBU is our code of conduct. All RBU members are expected to refrain from participating in toxic behavior, discrimination, and harassment, and should try to be friendly with both other members and rival groups. RBU members should not promote violent or illegal behavior, and should abide by the ROBLOX community rules when participating in group events. In addition, exploiting or hacking will result in an automatic exile.

Now that you have read the basic rules, It is time to talk about the events RBU hosts. there are 3 main types of events which are called the Raid, Training, and the Community Event. If you have already participated in a military group, you may skip this section; otherwise, continue on reading. Raids consist of battles at designated bases which belong to either ourselves or enemy groups, while trainings are practice events to help us win future ones. Community events can consist of recruiting, contests, or just a fun community game session.

Events may happen every few days or less, and are the main focus of the RBU. However, there can be periods of time which a large concentration of events happen - for example, wars can cause a large amount of raids, and a joint military exercise could cause lots of trainings. Regardless, you should look out for activity on our group places every so often as it may signal an active event.

Activity and high performance in battles, raids, and trainings will lead you to be promoted, or having your points/score increase. RBU uses a point system which accumulates the more you are active (let’s say you get 10 points per every event you are active) and can be used for special perks or just to flex. For example, you may perhaps decide to trade in points for a special custom weapon or award.