Roblox Botting Epidemic - How Being a New Developer Just Got Harder

As we’ve seen in the past few years on many websites, Botting has grown into a large issue. On Roblox especially we’ve seen how Bots are now one of the biggest, if not THE biggest threat to both new users & developers. Roblox is still yet to of responded to concerns about this issue with possible solutions or changes in attempt to combat them - instead Developers & users have lost several features in the attempt to ‘band-aid fix’ the problem. This includes removing the comment sections completely from games and catalog. Bots since then started mass-messaging players in games, Roblox then tried to bandaid-fix the problem by removing in-game player lists and place in heavy chat filters.

Now we’re once again at a point where the bots have evolved, if you will, and are now not only finding ways to still auto-message players and bypass the chat filters… but are now also in games spamming off-site links, games being automatically placed front page, and now malicious plugins, models, and other assets are being mass-taken and placed in the front page of the library.

Danger to both the community & developers

These plugins and models are NOT safe. They’re being used to place in backdoors so they can steal games and bypass FilteringEnabled. Nothing has been done about any of these models yet, most have been up for over a week and have been proven to be malicious. Many of these plugins are even shown to look exactly like other popular, non-malicious plugins, so players are more likely to insert or download them.

We are at the point where we’re relying on other botted items to give warning to people not to take or use the items.

What’s being done?

We need answers. It’s been several years and the situation continues to get worse and worse each day. We are being left in the dark if anything is actually in the works to try and fix this botting issue. We’re seeing thousands of users getting games stolen and accounts compromised. At this point, almost every item on the front page of library is a threat and we’re not even seeing these items being taken down days and weeks after they’ve been reported on.


This isn’t an easy thing to resolve, I know. But why are we not placing models and items into some sort of review process if 100, 000 users take or join that place/item at the exact same time? That should be screaming red flag.


Botting is an epidemic on this site. In my opinion it’s out biggest threat to both users and developers right now. I’m scared to download or insert anything into my place from toolbox. I would hate to be a clothing designer, as your creation will most likely be stolen and mass-sold across the platforms by bots. I fear for the kids and new ones joining the site, how they’re being flooded by these dangers.

We need answers. We need something done. These band-aid fixes don’t do much other then a temporary patch and a large hit on user experience. For the sake of this platform please tell us you’re at least trying to resolve this.


And we’re now just seeing this issue get even worse. Now we’re not seeing these models being taken 100k-150k times, but now in the mid to high 400, 000 time range… that’s a LOT of bots. The entire library page is officially majority malicious assets botted all with hidden scripts to steal and inject scripts.

Nothing done, nothing taken down, nothing moderated. At this point we might as well nuke the entire free-model and library section like we did comments because they’re causing nothing but harm.



Another thing that concerns me, as if the main topic didn’t enough already, is the complete lack of responses or engagement on this post.

Something REALLY needs to be done, and it seems like very few people care, especially the employees who could be responding here and helping to maybe clarify their plans to fix this issue.

Unless there just is no plan to work towards fixing it.


Couldn’t agree more on this. Something has to be done about this and we’re getting little to no response from Roblox themselves about the issue. I know botting is pretty hard to counter because they can be taught to complete captchas and even bypass 2fa via url curling, but back-end checks would be really beneficial like Trust has mentioned. If an item is taken, say 50,000 times in a span of a minute or two, that should really raise an alarm. It won’t really stop it, but at least slow the process down.


At least flag the item or place it under review! That alone would stop and discourage 95% of the issue I’m sure. We can’t even use the Toolbox anymore because everything on it is a threat, and we don’t know which is an original model or a replica anymore.

Something I noticed too with some of these bots and items is not all of the models they’re uploading have a malicious back end code, since they probably know people are checking. A player might look at a few of their models, think they’re fine, then add in the one that does have a backdoor, and bam their game is stolen or exploited.


They did try to counter the private module issue by only allowing them to run if the model is a free model, but it doesn’t matter if you have access to the source or not because if it’s in your game they can still steal it or exploit it. Which developers relying on it to make sure their games framework cannot be stolen too easily have to suffer the most. It’s really saddening to see Roblox in this state and the fact that really nothing is being done to fix it.


Not to mention the botted assets make Roblox look like a joke to any outside developer.


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Anything made by “MagicallyDev” " KursedKatie" " Saria102", or any of the other mass-botted items still on front page all have backdoor codes… weeks later and all these accounts are still up. Is it not against the rules or ToS to purposely inject hidden code into defenseless users games all while hiding it in a seemingly harmless model?


Lots of these accounts by users like KursedKatie where taken down, but none of their inventory of their dangerous models and plugins have been… If an account is terminated, ALL should be taken down withit.

And can someone PLEASE get rid of camcool12354’s models on the front page? ALL have backdoor scripts and they’ve been up for almost two weeks with 750000 botted takes…