ROBLOX Catalog search API not working for certain asset types

Hi everyone, i’m having a somewhat major (for my game) issue relating to HTTPService (sort of?) and the catalog search API. I was going to see if I could wait this out as I first assumed it to be a temporary Roblox error, but it’s been almost 24 hours and now i’m becoming concerned that it’s another change that hasn’t been mentioned by Roblox.

Brief explanation
Roblox does not allow direct HTTPService requests to its own site, so requests must be sent through a proxy. I have a proxy set up using a custom API based on rprxy. (
I have tested that my proxy is fully functional. Nor the proxy or game have been updated to cause this bug and it has been working perfectly for 6 months prior to fetch decals that players can choose from in my game.

The issue
What’s happening is that when I use the search API ( only certain asset types actually return results with or without a proxy. I will provide an example:

This returns a result.

This does not.
It is even a link from the catalog API documentation and previously would have returned a result before this issue began, but now it is just [ ] and a 503 error. Notice how the only difference in these links is the specified category that we wish to search.

What is happening in example #2 is also happening to my proxy server which searches for decals when a player requests them.
This was perfectly functioning until the early hours of yesterday morning when I began to get reports of my decal finder not working. Once I checked that my proxy was not the issue, I went into studio and discovered that my game is getting this as a result;

Basically, i’m not sure whether something has changed on Roblox’s end that I am not aware of or if there is a bug with the API. I understand that this is a very niche kind of thing, but does anyone have any insight into what is happening? I am hesitant to make a bug report because i’m not sure if it’s intentional behaviour or not.

TL;DR Only certain asset types are returning results from the API and i’m not sure whether it’s a bug or not.

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This looks like a #platform-feedback:web-bugs. Since you are a New Member, you have to use the Post Approval Proccess to make a post there.

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This may be because you haven’t included certain parameters. If you scroll down the API documentation, you’ll see further documentation on the different queries.

Yes, I was wondering that too but it’s been working perfectly for over 6 months with the current parameters i’ve been using. Was there a recent change to this system? It only seems to work with certain categories.

Thank you, i’ll look into making a report.