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Hello fellow Robloxians, as you are currently aware of the roblox CCS updates that can be annoying for some people… I think roblox really need to spice things up a little for all roblox players… This could both get more attention to roblox and make more players happy.

My idea is for roblox to add a setting where you can upload a photo for the background of roblox on your local screen so only you see it on your side, and if you don’t want a photo you can change the colors instead… If this feature were to be added roblox may become a bit more popular as it currently lacks this feature and you can already see all the posts about the CCS.

Honestly, just imagine how cool this feature would be if it was added, think about how many people would use this setting/feature if it were added…

If this is a good idea for roblox to add press yes in the poll below… If you think this idea is not good, click no in the poll below… Thank you!

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This can be done, search it up on Google.

Without needing to install anything, just a a couple buttons in the roblox settings?

No, you need to Install stuff, roblox isn’t gonna add something that can be done with simply downloading one thing.

What if someone is not able to or not willing to download some file they don’t trust… There have been exploiters/hackers that use that method by creating fake CCS downloads that get popular on youtube…

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